Export Helpdesk 2023 for Exporters of Cypriot goods and services

We would like to inform you that any businesses that wish to apply to the Export Helpdesk Service (EHD) for the promotion of their products and services abroad, will have to declare their interest again by 31/01/2023.

 The Export Helpdesk Service operates at the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry as part of the overall effort for further penetration of Cypriot products and services into foreign markets. This service aims at a more targeted promotion of domestic exports through the contacts that the Ministry’s 16 Trade Centers, which currently cover 44 countries, make with importers.

In particular, the Export Helpdesk covers the following countries:

  1. Athens (covers Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy)
  2. Warsaw (covers Poland, Latvia, Lithuania)
  3. Berlin (covers Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland)
  4. Beirut (covers Lebanon, Syria)
  5. Vienna (covers Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia)
  6. Cairo (covers Egypt, Jordan)
  7. London (covers United Kingdom, Ireland)
  8. New Delhi (covers India)
  9. Moscow (covers Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)
  10. Dubai (covers United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar)
  11. New York (covers USA, Canada)
  12. Paris (covers France, Spain, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia)
  13. Beijing (covers China)
  14. Tel Aviv (covers Israel, Palestine)
  15. Tehran (covers Iran, Pakistan)
  16. Tokyo (covers Japan)

Before applying to the Export Helpdesk, interested businesses are advised to conduct a preliminary study of the export prospects of their products and services concerning their readiness to export.

For countries not covered by the Trade Centers (TC), EHD officials send data on potential importers for certain products and services for certain countries covered by their databases.

It is also noted that our Commercial Advisor in China asks companies interested in promoting their products/services in this country to have the profile of their company and products in Chinese and to send samples to the TC to promote them to potential importers.

For further information and applications, interested Cypriot companies can contact the Export Helpdesk at 22867118/209/155, fill in the following forms, and send them online to the following addresses: epitsillidou@meci.gov.cy, lkarkoti@meci.gov.cy, andakaramanis@meci.gov.cy

In addition, a series of webinars are planned to provide participants with comprehensive information about their activity in foreign markets.

For this purpose, you can select the countries you are interested in and inform the responsible officials at the above addresses.

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • China

The Application Form can be found HERE and the Responsibility Declaration HERE.